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all day all day [Jan. 20th, 2009|11:02 am]
So, epic fail on the writing every day. I will try to correct that.

Last night was fun. We had squish and tara over for spritual talkz. Tara is a psychic, and she nailed everything we asked her about. We effin' new there was a cat spirit in our apartment, what with all the late-night scratchin' and mystery cat box stink wafts we experienced from time to time. She also said that I am a young soul. This I didnt quite know what to make. I thought that young souls didn't have the capacity to sense things in 4D? I'm sure it's just my ego talking.

"Fuck that noise, I'm fucking HIGHLY SPIRITUAL BEING DICKS. I've been around for eons and I know all there is to know *identify identify identify identify identify*

I need to understand that being a young soul does not matter. Young does not necessarily mean less enlightened or less of anything, in any way. It simply means that you're straight outta the creator's womb, yo. Fresh. Squish said that for such a young soul, I'm doing pretty damn good. That gave me some comfort. I seriously crave a more in-depth reading. I'm an eager little shit.

I need to learn to distract myself. I'm focusing too much on wishing what I want to happen in my life, that I'm missing the chance to actually access it and make it into reality. When you wish and wish and wish, you're constantly putting energy on wishing, not actualizing. Wishing you're going to get something only sets it as a future event. When you look forward into the future like that, you miss the window in the Now. You have to be open to being guided towards what you want to happen, be aware and know the signs when they appear.