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Dicks for beaks 20 dolla [Mar. 10th, 2009|09:47 am]
[Current Location |Canada, British Columbia]

My new iphone's predictive text is going to totally hate me, but I've got the LJ app. I use so much idiosyncratic slang and improper grammar that it will probably burn out at the end of this first entry. My posture will suffer as well, being hunched over on the bus each morn and eve.

But onto the important stuff. My mouth has tasted like shit for the last few days. It tastes this way because I got the bright idea to ingest a raw garlic clove with my bare teeth. I've been battling a very long-winded head cold this year, and I thought the garlic, with all its anti microbial properties would knock the rest of the germs out. Long story short, I'm still sick and my pussy vanilla toothpaste isn't doing its job.

I got a slick new jacket. Earlier this season I saw it sitting in a store in metro. I was enamoured instantly because I've never put on a trench that didn't make me look like a dumpy bell because of short stature and childbearing hips. I was mortified upon looking at the price tag, which read 240. Shit. But patince was rewarded, and winter clearance at the store slashed the price to 40.

I have definitely been more frugal with my clothing and other purchases lately. Gone are the days when I would drop money on any clothing item that would catch my eye.

coninued soon.

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[User Picture]From: juicebox
2009-03-11 03:05 am (UTC)
awww @ "childbearing hips"
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