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Tien mah jong like roger Moore [Mar. 17th, 2009|09:12 pm]
[Current Location |Canada, British Columbia]

This is when my buzzer goes...

Tomorrow is going to be one hard fucking day to pull together. I really want to take jare and go see fischerspooner dj set, but I have to pull it all together tomorrow. I have to work from 10 to about 4, go to surrey and get cash money from grandparents to be able tpngo buy tickets, then go buy tickets from Zulu on west fourth before they close at seven. Oh shit! I just have to understand and fully believe that there is enough time. There always is an abundance of time, one just needs to know this and time will always work in their favour. It's the simplest shit ever.

Holy crap there are a lot of shows to go see this spring. Five really good acts all coming within a short time of each other. Fischerspooner dj set, MSI, the faint and ladytron (at the same show!!!) and then peaches! And I'm going to see them alllllll mahhahahahahqha.

I am very glad that st. Patty's day is done and over with. No more douchey bar stars wanting green shirts to get drunk in. It's just five more days of spring break and it's smooth sailing for a while. Joy!

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