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Uggghhhh way too much caffeine today. Free miniscule samples of… - blood supply [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 11th, 2009|11:28 am]
[Current Location |Canada, British Columbia]

Uggghhhh way too much caffeine today. Free miniscule samples of frappucino, then grande size free frappucino, then venti soy chai latte. Damn you S-bucks, because of you my interiors are in tatters. But tasty tatters. Alas, the nice caffeine buzz is shortlived and the turmoil in my intestines is not worth it at all.

Today at verk it is dead so far which is awesome, seeing as though I have to work with slightly incapacitated individuals. They know I envy them for going out and having fun. Bastards.

Omg, big cash money day. Surrey grandparents yield huge Easter payday. We're going to buy heaps of clothing and deposit the rest in our ever-swelling savings account. Shit!! I love having an abundance of money all the time. Shaw FINALLY got a new, non-motorola HDPVRsecksbox. Purchase and enjoy superior television viewing experience.

Come onnnnnnnnnnn five o'clock.

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